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Sunday, April 13, 2008

lessons with julio parades... take two.

i just survived my second round of lessons with the fabulous julio parades. one month ago i was a mess in the saddle and i felt like everything i had ever learned for jumpers had screwed me up for dressage. i took two lessons last month and three this weekend and i feel like a whole new (exhausted) person. we have a schooling show next weekend so we'll see how well we can apply it away from home.

working on a leg yeild.... i still can't believe my chicken legs can make that monster move!

this would be my "i'm trying to do too many things at once" face...

practicing our entrance for the show...

i just like this one because durk looks like a giant :)

durk and i could never pass a sobriety test together...

julio on durk, making it look so easy...

julio and durk again...

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