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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Fantasy vs. Reality

Fantasy: I wake up this morning around 9am and roll over to order room service. We split an omelet and hash browns while laying in bed. I shower, get ready, and go wander at BellSquare with my mom for a bit. Then, for lunch, we head to the Met with my parents and I finally get that date with my dad that I've been waiting for since I was 16. After lunch, Derek and I head home but stop in North Bend to get some Christmas shopping done. Then we head back over the pass, pick up our kiddos, and head to the two social engagements that we have planned for this evening.

Reality: I wake up at 9am with a headache. Derek tells me we need to get ready to go. Dad still isn't feeling well enough for lunch but a fight with Derek about priorities and such ensues. We get to visit with my parents for a whopping 30 minutes and then we are out the door. Breakfast is Starbucks and a donut. There is no conversation in the car. Now I get to finish my coffee and read in silence for the next two hours. Picking up of children and social engagements will proceed as planned. My plans, however, will not. Whatever.

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  1. Reality always has a way of stomping on our fantasy doesn't it?


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