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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My birthday wish...

Every year when I blow out my candles (which are increasing in number at an alarming rate) I have a million wishes in my mind - diamonds, exotic travels, someone losing my student loan information 'accidently' forgiving the tens of thousands I owe for my education, a new wardrobe... the list goes on and on...

But for the last eleven years I have had one wish that I would take over all those things above. To know that something else like 9/11 won't happen again during my lifetime or my childrens' lifetimes. I know it's naive to wish for that becase it will happen - but that day left a scar in my memory and on my bithday. It forced me to realize that living in this country does not mean we are free of threats and that on a beautiful, clear Tuesday the whole world can change. And I don't want that kind of scar on my children. Ever.


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