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Sunday, September 23, 2012

3 Year WWC

Height: 3 feet 1 inch (15th percentile)
Weight: 30 lbs. (50th percentile)
Doctor's Notes: (1) Since we are still having issues with potty training as a result of constipation. After talking with her doctor we made the decision to put her on Miralax for a while to get her back on a normal schedule. Apparently after being constipated for so long, her intestines aren't working properly. So, that means we are back in diapers for the time being (frustrating as hell) but we have to keep upping the dose until she's going whether she wants to or not. Once we get her on schedule we can start working on potty training again. (2) She has one ear tube left in at this point. This winter will tell if she has gets ear infections we may be looking at tubes again. (3) He mentioned the acronym ADHD. I can't say I'm hugely surprised but it still stung a bit to hear. I don't want my kid to be labeled and I'm certainly not at a point where I would even consider testing her or trying medication. Is my child super active? Yes. Does she talk a million miles an hour all day every day without a breath in between? Yup. Can she sit still? Nope. So, yes, I understand the medical concern. However, until her activity level interferes with her ability to learn or participate in group activities - I'm going to leave her to mature and grow without interfering with meds. 
Milestones: Wow... this gets a lot harder as she gets older because she is doing SO much stuff! She's doing preschool stuff with her baby sitter so she's naming colors and shapes, counting, etc. She started gymnastics a few weeks ago and my hope is for her to take actual swimming lessons this winter as well. She has a HUGE vocabulary that she is not afraid to use. She's very much an almost-preschooler... I wouldn't put her in preschool yet because of potty training and maturity issues but she's super smart (I think all parents say that =] ) She also has ALL her baby teeth in now :)
 Best Moment This Year: Seeing her become a big sister. I'm amazed by how much she adores Cohen... it melts my heart every single day...
Loves: Cohen, showers, swimming, rocks, animals, cowgirl boots, pancakes, gymnastics, pizza, dancing, pony tails, Taco Bell cheese roll-ups,     
Hates: Pooping on the potty, naps, water (to drink), having her hair combed, getting her hands dirty, hearing the word 'NO', being in her carseat,
What We're Looking Forward To: Preschool, team sports, family vacation (next summer)... 

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