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Monday, November 7, 2011

Addison's Big Girl Room

Well... it's here. My baby girl is spending her first night in her new, big girl room. When she crawled into bed tonight and pulled those covers up to her little chin my heart broke a little when I realized how much she has grown up in the past six months... her head looked so tiny on that big pillow but her ear-to-ear grin and 'momma, big girl!' made it impossible to not let her sleep in there. She still let me snuggle her and read her a story and she cried for a few seconds when I shut the door, but 45 minutes later we haven't heard a peep out of her. My greatest fear is of her falling out of this new, huge bed and getting hurt - so there is a pillow wedged between her bed and nightstand and one on the floor for a safe landing... I hope she doesn't need either one!

Earlier today, while I was waiting for dinner to cook, I finished up some projects that I have been working on. Both of them are directly off of Pinterest and they turned out super cute!

The idea for a light strand with ribbons came from the Junk Garden blog. I bought a 100-light strand for $6 and hit the craft store for ribbon in Addison's colors. I bought 4 spools - yellow, pink, orange, and green - and had two orange ones at home. That amount [in yellow and green] of ribbon only got me about half way through the strand which was a bit frustrating. However, when I measured I realized that it was exactly the right length to go across Addison's headboard and down the side. With the extra lights I am turning her nightstand into a nightlight [it's an old TV stand with a spot for a DVD/VCR]. We are putting plexiglass in the front of the slot and then I'll use the rest of my ribbon (the orange and pink) on the second half of the lights so it will glow a pink-ish color. We're installing a remote switch so we can turn it on and off from her main light switch. It looks super, super cute!!

 Another idea that I stole from Nic and Kate is using a Wal-Mart oil drip pan ($8) for a magnet board. We just screwed it to the wall behind her door and - tadaaa! - her magnets have a new home! Pretty nifty idea!
More pics to come as we finish up her room!! =]

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