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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Poor baby...

Monday morning started like any other Monday... I laid around in bed waiting for Addison to wake up. My parents called from Croatia and we got to catch up and Addison even woke up in time to chime in during our conversation. She chatted it up with my mom and was her normal, silly self during breakfast. She finished eating, got out some toys, and played for a while. Around 10am she started fussing and I thought maybe naptime was coming a little early. I picked her up to go change her and realized that she was BURNING up. I took her temperature and it read...

And for the next 11 hours this is what my day looked like...

Despite the Tylenol, luke-warm bath, cool rags, and everything else we could think of, her temp stayed up and by 10:30pm she was shrieking, still had a fever, and refusing her bottle. After calling the nurse hot line, Derek and I decided it was time to go to the ER. Thankfully, we got in right away but at trip to the ER always requires at LEAST 3 hours of your time... We left with the diagnosis of stomatitis. Since it's a virus there really isn't a whole lot that can be done for it - we were just told to push the fluids (which is almost impossible with a baby who has ulcers in her mouth and throat). We headed home around 1am...

Tuesday we decided that we wanted to have Addison checked out by our pediatrician. While we were waiting Addison decided to entertain the babies in the mirror... this picture makes me realize what life could be like if we had triplets :)

The doctor confirmed the ER's diagnosis and gave us some suggestions to help make her feel better until the virus ran it's course. After we got home from the doctor, we gave Addison her first dose of... well, everything . With a combination of Tylenol/Ibuprofen for pain and to keep her fever down, Benedryl/Maalox combo to coat her throat, Baby Oragel to numb her mouth, herbal throat and gland spray from my friend the Natropathic Doctor to sooth her throat and fight the virus. After combining all of <--- that we were able to get her to drink some fluids and even eat a little dinner. We went on with our normal routine for the rest of the night and all got a glorious twelve hours of sleep last night ::chorus of angels:: She woke up this morning her usual happy self and so far... it looks like the worst is behind us and I have my happy little girl back.

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