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Monday, May 17, 2010

A weekend away...

This past weekend was a busy one for us. I had signed up to walk in the Beat the Bridge for Juvenile Diabetes Run a while back. My parents and Derek agreed to go with me and as we were making arrangements for staying in Seattle, we ended up getting a deal at the Hilton in Bellevue that we couldn't say no to. So we changed our plans and decided to make a weekend of it. Derek and I got home around 3pm on Friday and loaded up the car. It never ceases to amaze me how much STUFF is required to travel with a baby!! We packed the CR-V to the limit and headed west. The drive normally takes us 2 1/2 hours and we rarely have to deal with traffic. Just our luck, road construction signs started popping up just before the summit and we spent AN HOUR going 3.9 mph. Not. Cool. It was about this same time that my bladder announced that it had reached capacity and I was wiggling around in the passenger seat praying for a rest stop sign... If we had been stuck any longer I seriously would have attempted peeing in one of Addison's diapers! Thankfully, just past Easton, things started moving again and by 8:10pm we were checking into the hotel.
We got our room and found out that it wasn't the king sized bed we thought we were getting and since Derek is 6'3", a king bed is a necessity. I took Addison and went off in search of the bell-hop cart thingy and to swap our room while Derek continued lugging up all our stuff. By the time he had everything up to the 5th floor, I had arranged to change our room. The front desk attendant told me that she had a room on the 8th floor, gave me the card key, and off I went. As I was heading back to our room to get Derek and move rooms, I looked down at the actual key which read 636. Okay, so I'm thinking she made a mistake in telling me the 8th floor... no biggie. I get back to our original room and knock... and knock... and knock. Nada. (Mind you I'm toting Addison around this whole time and she's wiggling and dancing and trying to get her hands on everything in sight!). So, I figure Derek must have headed up to the 8th floor to wait for us... so up we go. Sure enough, there he is. We wander down to room 636, try the key, and get the red light. Hmm... try again. Same result. So I look closer at the key-holder-packet-thingy and see that she has crossed out 636 and written 809. ::head-wall-head-wall:: So, we get BACK on the elevator and go BACK to the 8th floor where we finally find a king sized bed waiting for us. Sheesh! We unpacked, fed Addison, got her ready for bed, and collapsed for the night... Seriously, vacations are hard work!!
Saturday morning was beautiful and we got up early and got ready for our day at the zoo. It seemed like everyone else in Seattle had the same idea and parking was a nightmare, but once we got in it was a lot of fun. Addison was pretty alert for the first half of the adventure but she konked out and took a nap by noon time.

A few family photo ops from the zoo... I love her little sun hat!!
These next three pictures are some of my favorite from the weekend... she was so good the entire time. She slept through the night, didn't cry with all the crazy schedule changes, and had smiles for us the whole time.
After we got back from the zoo we decided to take Addi swimming for the first time. We stuffed her in her little suit and headed down to the pool... it was 73 degrees out and the water was perfect for swimming. She LOVED it. I told Derek he has to install a pool now because she had so much fun. Yes, I wore a bikini. No, I didn't let Derek take any pictures until I was fully submerged.

On Sunday we got up EARLY (double ugh) and got ready for the "race". I may have grown up in Seattle but somehow I forgot that getting somewhere important is almost ALWAYS impossible. We were staying 15 minutes from the UW campus (such an unfortunate location for the race, in my WSU opinion). I forgot to consider the thousands of other other people who were also headed there across the 520 floating bride. We got stuck in traffic. Again. We got to the stadium, rushed up to the starting line, and started walking at the tail end of the group. Thankfully, my parents were punctual and had enough time to get our t-shirts and numbers for us. It was a perfect day for the walk, overcast, 65ish, and no wind or rain. I love doing big fundraisers like that, there's something about seeing that many people come together for a good cause that gives me the warm fuzzies =]
On our way home we stopped in North Bend to do a 'little' shopping at the outlet mall... Addison got spoiled rotten at Baby Gap, Gymboree, and Carters... and I got spoiled rotten at Coach!! Addison loves Coach almost as much as her mommy... as the center picture below proves =]
I still think that it should be required to have a day off after taking a vacation... we got home, unpacked, and tried to relax but we still haven't gotten caught up on our sleep (or laundry) yet.

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  1. how funny! we hit up the carters outlet on Sunday!! she cleaned up...polka dots galore. :)

    glad you had a great time. i went to seattle on a vacation once and loved it. a world of difference from indiana!!

    do you mind me asking how the three year old died at daycare? has had me freaked out all day.


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