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Sunday, May 23, 2010

8 months...

Eight months (okay, I'm a wee bit late)... it seems overnight Addison went from this little peanut who needed us for everything to a little crawler.... here's the update...

Length: 27 inches
Weight: 16 pounds
Loves: crawling! shiny pop cans! pulling mommy's hair! sitting up! baths! binks! doggies! kitties! mum-mums! playing with daddy! dancing! singing! talking! fuzzy blankets! tags!
Hates: being in the backseat alone... pooping... broccoli... the nose sucky thingy... diaper changes...
Newest moves: crawling, sitting up alone, holding the bottle...

My baby girl is crawling... howdidthathappensofast????

We went up into the mountains with Derek's parents to scout camping sites for next weekend. On the way home, Addison started singing to us...

Who would have thought that one of the hardest parts of baby proofing the house would be teaching Raja how to get from the side of the gate with the kitty litter box to the side with the food and water bowls? It took more than half the container or kitty treats to get her from one side to the other. It was quite the feat for her - she's not the most athletically inclined feline on the planet.


  1. Your daughter is so beautiful! My kinsley is also quite the little singer, though she doesn't sound as pretty as your daughter... Kinsley sounds more like a scream from a horror film and LOVES doing it when i'm talking on the phone so everyone thinks i'm ignoring her or hurting her! lol
    I LOVE her crawl!

  2. Okay....super cute little girl you have. Later today I'll have to send you an email so yes, we can catch up! I feel like I never have anytime to sit down and email now that I have kids. I will though......I will find a minute!

  3. Oh my gosh this is such a sweet post! hehe!

    And I FEAR the day we start putting up gates. My dog will go into a depression. He can't go down stairs, let alone figure out a baby gate!

    Good luck with the little mover!


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