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Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Eve...

For New Year's Eve we went out with a bunch of friends to celebrate. We started the night at Zesta Cuchina and had a delicious dinner (mmmmm.... pasta!!). After dinner, we all headed to Mike and Heidi's house for drinks and to pick up our desigated driver (the wonderful Paula :). Paula dropped us off at the Apple Tree clubhouse where we spend the night dancing and having fun while waiting to ring in the New Year. After the party, Paula picked us up and took us back to Mike and Heidi's house for midnight pizza and conversation. Derek and I headed home just after 2:00 and I was warm and in my bed asleep by 3:00 this morning. We had a great time, I think this is actually the first time that Derek and I have ever gone out to celebrate New Year's Eve together.Heidi, Michael, and Brandon at Zesta's waiting for dinner...
Jody, Camas, Me, Heidi, and Tonya...
Heidi and Michael
Jody and Heidi
Michael, Brandon, and Mike
Michael and Derek... Revenue Geeks :)
Brandon, Camas, and I couldn't figure out if we were doing a goofy picture or not... so it turned out half and half...
The party...
Sisterly Love :)
I caught Derek a little off guard, but Brandon was ready...
Heidi and myselfI just think he's so cute!!
We were the life of the party...
Happy New Year!!!!
The most important thing is, I ended the night exactly where I wanted to be - curled up against Derek, surrounded by our friends. It was a great way to start 2009.

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