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Monday, June 2, 2008

memorial day weekend...

(better late than never, right?)

we had an extra special memorial day weekend this year because my parents came in to town and stayed with us for a few days. we haven't seen them since christmas and it was fun to see all their pictures from new zealand and austrailia. derek and i took them out for dinner at gasperetti's to celebrate mothers day, fathers day (early), derek getting into the masters program at heritage, and me getting my contract renewed. my parents also got to meet the frieisans (and of course, will and teresa :) we went to a bbq with friends and stayed waaaay too late and they even got to ride with me when i drove durk for the first time!! they didn't stay long enough (they never do) but we'll get to see lots of them this summer!!
mom and dad at dinner....
derek and i... waiting for delicious food
me and turkey... getting ready
turkey duky and turkey lurky :)
OMG! i'm driving!!
durk shrunk... oops.
a veeeery tuckered out harmony pulling twice her body weight :)

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