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Friday, July 6, 2012

A picanic basket...

Derek always teases me because of the way I say 'picnic'... apparently I sound remarkably similar to Yogi Bear [not that I have ANY idea who that actually is, I'm just going based on what he says...]

Anyway... I'm struggling with this whole summertime SAHM thing - I'm wiped out, stressed, short tempered, and out of ideas for entertaining my preschooler... and that's usually just by 11am. So, today my bright idea was to take the kids to the park at the other end of town for a picnic lunch and to feed the ducks. We loaded (and I do mean LOADED] up the car - stroller, diaper bag, porta-potty, 'picAnic' basket, etc, etc, etc. and headed off to the park. It was hot today - pushing 100 degrees so we found a nice spot in the shade and  had our sandwiches. Cohen and I enjoyed the breeze while Addison played on the toys and tagged along with one of the older kids there [much to the older girls dismay, I think... but my kid was clueless]. Once lunch was taken care of we went over to the pond with a bunch of the hamburger buns left over from our BBQ. Addison loved feeding the ducks [and then yelling to scare them away... SMH] and we shared our bread with several other kids there who wanted to get in on the feeding action as well. Things went pretty well until Addison biffed in on the way back to the car and skinned her knee and elbow... I swear I have the klutziest kid ever - it's ridiculous. Anyway - we got out of the house and did something different, which was a plus. However, I think next week we'll try decorating the driveway with sidewalk chalk or something less labor intensive.

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  1. Good for you mama! I'm always stressing about what to do with my little man, too! I don't even have 2 yet! I'll have to ask you for pointers next summer.


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