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Sunday, April 8, 2012

36 Weeks...

Go figure... for our last picture she was in a bad mood and wouldn't hold the sign... ::sigh:: toddlers...

How far along? 36 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: Pre-pregnancy I was 117... today I'm 155. That was my goal to not go over... but it looks like that's out the window. I'm retaining so much freaking water now that I think I could probably ring out my feet and lose ten pounds.

Maternity clothes? Yes, but I live in sweats now so it's more of comfy/cozy than maternity.

Stretch marks? All my old friends are back... I'm ready for their going away party already.

Sleep: What is sleep? Ugh. I can't get comfortable, I have to pee ten times a night, I wake up with contractions, back pain, and tummy pain all throughout the night, and I don't get tired until after midnight. But, our schedule is about to get even more wonky once baby gets here so I guess I shouldn't complain. 

Best moment this month: Two things - seeing the nursery really start coming together and having my best friend here for a couple of days during the week to keep me company. This last week has actually gone by pretty quickly and [thankfully] it's my last week in bed. 

Movement: Not the same acrobatics that we've been seeing in previous months because now he's stuck in head-down position but when  he moves his legs I can see feet or knees moving across my tummy. He's big enough now that movement is really uncomfortable and sometimes even hurts... and he's become fond of headbutting my cervix which is horrifically painful!

Gender: BOY!!!

Labor Signs: Nothing that we haven't been dealing with for the past few months - frequent contractions despite the medication. I've pretty much come to the conclusion that unless my water breaks or I start having hard labor contractions, we won't know if we're looking at 'labor signs'.

Belly Button in or out? Flat... it's starting to look a little stressed out...

What I miss: Everything... clothes, feeling like I look okay, wine, cleaning, work, being able to play with Addison, sleeping through the night, yard work... really, truly, everything...

What I am looking forward to: Well, obviously I'm looking forward to meeting this little guy... but I'm also excited to have my big day out on the 17th - eyebrow wax, hair appointment, pedicure...

Monthly Wisdom: The last month feels like it lasts FOREVER... but there is an end in sight...  

Milestones: NO MORE BED REST!!!!!

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