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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

35 weeks...

Omigosh... is it true? Can it be? Does this awful stint of bed rest really have an end in sight??

I went in for my weekly appointment with Dr. H today, waited in the waiting room for an hour, got called back, peed in the cup, heaved myself onto the scale, and got naked for my exam. Just as he was grabbing my file outside the door (yes, I was eavesdropping) he got a page and had to rush off for an emergency c-section. The nurse came in and told me that he wouldn't be able to see me until 1 o'clock, which gave me a hour of down time. There wasn't enough time to go home, make lunch, and get back to the office, so I did what any rational pregnant woman would do... I went to Olive Garden for lunch. I took my book, nestled into a corner table and proceeded to eat and read to my hearts content.

Anyway, enough talk of soup and breadsticks... The verdict from my appointment is as follows:
- I'm still not dilated past a fingertip (YAY!!)
- Strep B test was negative (YAY!!)
- Cohen is head down, right where he is supposed to be (YAY!!)
- I will be 36 weeks on Monday and released from bed rest (YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!)
- However, I am to continue my medication routine until Thrusday (Boo.)
- I am allowed to have this baby at any point after week 36, so we're almost in the green zone!! (YAYAYAY!!)

Once I'm free of this bed rest crap, I'm essentially allowed to go back to normal-ish activities. Basically, I can do a little bit each day as long as I continue to spend most of the day resting. So, while I probably won't be getting any yard work done, I do expect to get my house back in tip-top shape (my OCD-ness is going insane after not cleaning for the past several weeks). Derek has done a good job keeping it picked up but it needs a stem to stern scrubbing (that would be the pregnant, nesting hormones talking...) so that once this baby decides to come I don't have to worry about coming home to heaps of laundry, garbage overflowing, or (heaven forbid) crumbs on my counters.

So... please set your countdown clocks so we can all celebrate on Monday... and watch, when the day comes, I'll probably be so tired I will still stay in bed all day!


  1. Yay!!!!! So excited for you! Suzannah was born at 36 weeks and was home in four days! Im so happy you have made it this far! That little man will be here so soon.

  2. Hang in there girl. You've come this far.


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