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Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Why is it that I don't realize how much I want to be at work until my doctor tells me that I may not be able to go? =[ I went in for my 6 month appointment today and confessed that I'm still having contractions 5-6 times an hour most days (but not all day long) and Dr. H said that is right at the brink of 'unsafe'. Right now it's up to me if I want to continue working but I have to find a way to stay completely off my feet while I'm there which is proving to be impossible... I'm up and down grabbing things off the printer, getting things out of the inbox, and running to the bathroom fifty times a day... I already have students in charge of handing out and collecting papers and running errands as much as I can. Derek has put me on bed rest as soon as I get home but in reality I have an hour an a half alone with a toddler every afternoon. As much as I try, this child requires chasing. She doesn't really adhere to the 'sit and hang out' philosophy that everyone is wanting me to follow...

The verdict... I have two weeks until my next appointment and in that two weeks I have to find a way to reduce the number of contractions I'm having or I'm done at work. Financially, that sucks but thankfully we have salary insurance that will cover some of it. Emotionally, it sucks because even though I complain about work most days, I really want to be there and the thought of abandoning my kids already makes me teary eyed. I know they'll do fine without me but they're my responsibility and I want to be there for them as long as I can...

Why can't my uterus just play fair just this one time????

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