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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

8 weeks...

Length: 22 1/4 inches 
Weight: 10 lbs 9 oz
Feeding Schedule: Right now he's eating 5 ounces every 3 or 3 1/2 hours. I'm still pumping so he's only taking breast milk - I'm hoping to continue pumping until he's a year (UGH) but I'm already super sick of it. I wish he would nurse but he has no interest in anything but the bottle anymore... sad mama.  
Sleeping Schedule: He keeps teasing us with the idea of sleeping through the night. At least two nights a week he goes down around 9:30 or 10pm (our usual) and sleeps until 4:30 or 5am. Buuuut, every time we think we've got this sleep thing in the bag, he wakes up at 2:30. He's definitely awake more during the day but still takes a pretty long afternoon nap. 
Milestones: First real smiles - he GRINS at his daddy all the time... he makes me work for it more but every time Derek walks into the room this kid lights up. I'm jealous, but it's pretty stinking cute. He also got his first shots today (sad baby)...
Best Moment This Month: Seeing those first smiles
Loves: Snuggling, naps, clean diapers {so he can fill them up}, laying on the bed or the floor and kicking his little legs.
Hates: Car seats, burping, pooping, and, as we discovered last night, he is TERRIFIED of bagpipes. They came on during the movie we were watching and he started bawling. I felt terrible for laughing but it was the cutest thing ever.
What We're Looking Forward To: A full night of sleep :)

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